Monday, 15 January 2007

The meaning of life

Last night I thoroughly depressed myself by watching a new series on BBC1 called The Meaning of Life. It was a half-hour ordeal, narrated by the Vicar of Dibley (Dawn French who mentioned the “God thing” once or twice and consisted of interview snippets from celebrities such as Frankie Dettori and Trisha Goddard.

Fern Britton said “she hadn’t got a clue what the meaning of life was” whilst another contributor decided it was all about “having as much sex as possible”.

The only Christian voice consisted of a woeful effort from Gloria Hunniford, who presents the BBC’s Heaven and Earth show. She said she would like to think she believed in God and that the meaning of life was about love. Ah, that’s nice.

What sentence would you have come up with if you were next in line on the show? Mine would be: Jesus Christ is the master key to the meaning of the universe and, therefore, to all of mankind.

What a glorious day it would be if the BBC were to give Father Patrick Burke or Father Roger Nesbitt a half an hour slot to explore the question. Dream, dream, dream, dream…
Perhaps I should have called this blog Bashing the BBC after all.


Paul Mullane said...

It would be a sweet day when Fr Burke got a half hour on the BBC, but they would probably have to close it down afterwards. Still there will always be his thorough demolishing of Christina (spit) Odone on Newsnight. Someone should really put that on YouTube

Fr Julian Green said...

The BBC is always a good target for abuse, for the days when there's nothing to get angry about on Channel 4.