Saturday, 23 June 2007

Visit to birthplace of St John Fisher

As East Yorkshire people, we are very proud that St John Fisher is one of ours. He was born in Beverley in 1469 and, yesterday, myself, the Lovingit family and Phil Cunnah went on a mini pilgrimage to his birthplace on his feastday.

I drove there in my car after Mass at St Charles in the centre of Hull. It's about eight miles. We had lunch at a nice little pub next door to St John of Beverley RC Church. (Note that St John of Beverley was an 8th century Benedictine bishop of Hexham and later of York).

We then went to St Mary's Church (left), founded in 1120, which was likely to have been attended by a young John Fisher and might even have been where he was baptised.

His father, Robert, was buried there in 1477. The guides said he was buried "before the crucifix". We couldn't work out what this meant - before the crucifix was erected? In front of the crucifix? But we could only find a small crucifix above the altar anyway.

We did, however, find a little plaque to him:

We then went on to Beverley Minster. It doesn't have any specific connection to St John Fisher but I'm sure he would have stepped foot in their during his childhood. A monastery on the site was founded by St John of Beverley in the 8th century. The present building was completed in 1425, just over 40 years before John Fisher was born.

Here is where St John of Beverley is buried:

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