Sunday, 23 December 2007

Blair conversion

I was driving this afternoon across Beverley Westwood when I heard the news of Blair's conversion on Five Live. I almost jolted the car in shock. I suppose I shouldn't be shocked because it had been on the cards for a long time. But the latest report before today's announcement suggested that Blair had no intention of converting. Not so.

I suppose I should grit my teeth and say: “Congratulations Mr Blair on joining the one true fold.” But I must admit I found it difficult to write that. So far, Mr Blair has not given comment about his reception into the church. I am convinced a public statement repenting for every time he has legislated or publicly voted against church teaching whilst being an MP is needed.

To be honest, as an ordinary, bog-standard member of the faithful, I feel physically sick. Mr Blair has probably done more than any other prime minister in modern times to legislate against the teaching of the Church and curb the Church’s involvement in public life. Here’s just a small list of the way he personally and his government has done this:

Taken us into an unjust war

Legalised euthanasia by omission in the Mental Capacity Act

Legalised the sexual orientation regulations meaning the end of the road for Catholic adoption agencies. This law also has serious implications for Catholic schools and Christians who own hotels etc.

Legalised same sex civil partnerships and publicly admitted he did "a little skip around" when he saw the pictures of the first civil partnership ceremonies in Northern Ireland.

Allowing girls as young as 11 to get the abortifacient morning after pill at school or elsewhere without the consent of a parent or guardian

Extending the availability of contraception, especially the morning after pill

Voting and extending the scope for experimentation on human embryos and legalising therapeutic cloning

His Government financially supported the One Child policy in China through its funding of international family planning agencies

Whilst an MP, he voted:

- three times to permit abortion up to birth I the case of disability
- once against a move to reduce the upper time limit from 28 to 18 weeks
- once in favour of creating an appeals board for women refused abortions
- twice in favour of making the upper-time limit 26 weeks instead of 18
- once to allow the experimentation on human embryos up to 14 weeks
- once against a move to ban social abortions after 18 weeks of pregnancy
- once against a motion to outlaw abortions after 20 weeks
- once against a motion to outlaw abortions after 22 weeks
- once in favour of an amendment to require only one doctor to ok an abortion- once in favour of an amendment to extend the Abortion Act to Northern Ireland
- once in favour of extending research and experimentation on human embryos

To give a flavour of his attitudes towards the pro-life movement, he told The Observer on March 20 2005:

"The fact that the person lives in terrible housing, and has hopeless education and no choices in life and no-one invests in them - what has [the pro-life lobby] got to say about that? The Make Poverty History campaign (to increase aid to Africa), that is a pro-life agenda for me."
Far from promoting a pro-life agenda to increase aid to Africa, Mr Blair's government exploited the Make Poverty History campaign in order to promote universal access to so-called sexual and reproductive health - a technical term which includes abortion on demand - under the vague terms of the Millennium Development Goals. In addition, he obviously doesn’t know, or is prepared to deny, the work of:

- British Victims of Abortion, a sister organisation of SPUC, in their work giving counselling to women who have had abortions.

- The charity LIFE in helping women in crisis pregnancies and caring for newborn disabled babies

- The Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative, the Good Counsel Network and other organisations in helping women in crisis pregnancies

- And the work of the pro-life movement in successfully lobbying for an amendment to the to the Housing (Homeless Persons) Act 1977 to secure the priority entitlement of an expectant mother to housing

I’m not even sure that this is a comprehensive list, but you get the idea. As John Smeaton. National Director of SPUC said live on News 24 tonight, it would be like St Paul converting on the road to Damascus and then continuing to persecute Christians if Blair were not to publicly say sorry for his championing of the right to access abortion worldwide, for instance.
If this public reparation does not happen, I will continue to pray for Mr Blair’s “conversion” as, at the moment, his acceptance into the Catholic faith seems of little value if he continues to slap the orthodox teaching of the faith in the face.


Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Worrying isn't it?

Mac McLernon said...

Happy Christmas, Richard!

Dermot said...

Fascinating and erudite blog. I don't agree with a lot that you say but it's great to read a thoughtful but above all passionate defence of core beliefs.
I am a practicing Catholic and I disagree profoundly with abortion, but on the other hand I think IVF has been a positive development as indeed stem cell research will be.
Up the Tigers!