Monday, 11 February 2008

Week off

This week I'm on holiday. I've been up in Hull since Friday evening and will shortly be leaving for the picturesque Ampleforth Abbey/School for the annual Faith Theological Symposium for a few days.

It will be a good chance to catch up with people and be challenged at an intellectual level to pick up some more wonders of the Catholic faith. Last year, I must admit, I was a little baffled by some of the content as I've only got A-Level Theology/Philosophy, as well as a Philosophy module at University under my belt. I don't expect to understand everything this year either. But I'm sure a new window of understanding will be opened.

There will be at least four or five Catholic bloggers at the event, so hopefully we can have a bloggers' fridge meeting, or, even better, a bloggers' outing to the nearby village pub...???

My "going away" will mean not much blogging for the next few days as Ampleforth isn't the best place for technological communication (the village lost power during the wintry weather recently). So expect several English and Welsh martyr posts when I get back as well as a review of the week.

I did have a post about St Margaret Ward almost written the other night when I pressed a wrong button, lost all of it, and couldn’t get it back.


Gregg Beaman said...

Hope you are having/had a good week. I'm quite envious, what a splendid place to spend time with like-minded people.

Diane said...

Me too ! - envious, that is. Spending time with like-minded people is so important. People say that Jesus preferred spending time with sinners and people who weren`t even religious, but I find that hard to believe. Why would He want to do that? I try to always keep away from anyone who does not share my faith.. that way it doesn`t get contaminated. You have a great few days.. God Bless ya. I am over from the US for a few weeks. I might try and get a visit to Ampleforth - it looks cool.