Friday, 7 March 2008

Canon Michael's mission to 'Napoleon island'

Today, the paper for which I work for, the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph, published my story on Canon Michael Griffiths' impending move to the remote British colony of St Helena. He'll be sailing off on Easter Monday from Dorset for a two week journey to get to the island, which has been without a Catholic priest for, I think, three years now.

The Falklands-based Apostolic prefecture to the South Atlantic, asked him if he would consider going to the island to minister to Catholics there. In a simple, but profound way, he said: "When God wants you to do something – and if you do it – it brings you happiness"

You can "read all about it" on the ET website.

Please keep Canon Michael in your prayers as he embarks on this exciting but challenging journey.

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