Saturday, 29 March 2008

Greetings from Scotland

Last night after work I drove for a tiring eight hours up to Gartmore House in Scotland for SPUC International Student Pro-Life Conference this weekend. It is my first visit north of the border and my first impressions are that Scotland is absolutely stunning.

I arrived at the venue in pitch black at half past midnight. The conference got underway at tea time yesterday but there were still quite a few delegates up chatting. It was only when I opened the curtains this morning when I realised how beautiful the rugged scenery of the Trossachs is. I hope to take some snaps later today and post them when I get back. SPUC's divisions manager Rab McDonald has been acting like a Scottish tourist board official telling me the places to visit in the country. I'm definitely coming back for a longer stay.

I've just noticed this computer in the library becoming free shortly after lunch and have only a few minutes before the programme resumes.

This morning, we were treated to talks on Pro-Life feminism and on SPUC's Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Just before lunch, the keynote speaker, the great niece of Martin Luther King, Celeste Beal, gave a talk about abortion being the number one civil rights breech of our time. She said: "No way is abortion a civil right because it is wrong. As Pope Benedict XVI has said, it is a deep wound in our society.
"How can 'the dream' survive if we murder the children?"

You will get a full report of her talk when I get chance.

It's fantastic to see around 40 or 50 young people from universities and 6th Form colleges up and down the UK and from further afield who have come to learn more about the horrors of abortion and be armed with the tools to go back to their campuses and take the pro-life message to their fellow students.

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LEOHARA said...

I really wanted to go however, the University only broke up for its 'spring break' as we might as well call it that Friday afternoon.

St Andrews always has to be different.