Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pictures from Faith Session

Here are a few pictures from the recent Faith Winter Session. Unfortunately, they haven't come out particularly well as the light wasn't great and my camera isn't particularly good. But I think they illustrate the excellent atmosphere of the conference.

This is Fr Paul Brooks in full swing during his talk.

Here's a brief snippet on video of his section on the damage of sin:


This is the popular ceilidh (I always have to put in "traditional Scottish dance" into Google to find out how to spell that) that is the feature of the last night of ever Faith conference.

As ever, it really is refreshing to attend these events. Up to 200 young, committed Catholics, all wanting to pray, play, learn about their faith and socialise together. They came from various parts of Scotland, Ireland, Yorkshire, Lancashire, London, Midlands, and the south. There were many seminarians, dozens of priests, students, civil servants, teachers, shop workers, school pupils, a journalist, bloggers and mothers.
We were reminded from various priests that tough times lie ahead for the Catholic Church. Now is the time, therefore, for young Catholics to remain faithful and stand up for their faith in public life, the workplace, school and in the home.

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