Thursday, 29 January 2009

Special report from Washington

Tonight we have a brief report from my good friend Philip Cunnah (left) who is currently on pastoral placement in Louisiana, United States, from the Propaedeutic Year at the Royal English College, Valladolid.

Last Thursday, he joined thousands at the March for Life in Washington. Phil's only had a bit of time to write this. I'll get some analytical, reflective stuff from him hopefully on his return to Europe. Here's his report:
On Sunday January 18 I joined 160 young people and seminarians from Baton Rouge and the surrounding area on a pilgrimage to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life. Although they spent five days in the north, the march itself took place on the following Thursday.

Beginning with a Youth Rally at the Verizon center, the Washington Wizards basketball stadium, thousands of pilgrims marched down the mall to the US Capitol building and on to the Supreme Court to show their protest of the Roe vs Wade case.

There were 30000 young people at the Verizon center celebrating Mass with the Archbishop of Washington and hundreds of other priests and bishops - the procession alone took 25 minutes.
For most of his time out there, Phil is working with the homeless in a soup kitchen type place. Slightly more informally, for those of you who know him, Phil writes:

Louisiana is awesome, I've met some amazing people. The seminarians are great. The homeless are also good, I love that type of work. The psychiatric hospital is a little more taxing but the people are good.

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