Thursday, 28 May 2009

Talk on the Martyrs

The Hull Faith Forum starts up again this Monday (June 1). I think the series title is something along the lines of "Inspiration for young Catholics today".

I have the pleasure of giving the first talk on how the Martyrs of England and Wales inspire the young. It's pretty daunting as I've never given a full talk before - I've only ever done 10/15 minute seminars at youth events. I'm planning to explore the stories of four English Martyrs and explain the numerous ways they can help young people in their journey of faith today. I'm writing the talk out for the benefit of bloggers to read so I'll post it on or after the night.

I don't have a full itinerary for the whole series as yet but when I do I'll post the details. The talks are at the Endsleigh Centre, Beverley Road, Hull and start at 7.30pm.

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Jane Teresa said...

I hope it goes well. I'll remember you in my prayers!